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Buckskin Tennessee Walking Horses

Cremello double agouti Tennessee Walking Horse colt. By The Buck Starts Here x Tanasi Topaz. His full brothers are all herd sires throughout the United States. He can walk and shake beside his mother and moves like he is on ball bearings. Foaled 4/29/2010. Cheap at half the price.

US Funds.
Overseas Transport Can Be Arranged

I recently bought my new herd sire, sight unseen from Jim. This colt is gorgeous, smart, has a fun personality and best of all, he can gait like nothing I've seen before. Buck's Rascal Flatt never trots, he only gaits . So many "color breeders" just breed for color but Jim breeds for outstanding quality and true gaits as well. I live in New Mexico and traveling in the winter was not an option so I had to rely on Jim to help me select the right horse for me. This colt is exactly what I had hoped for. In fact, I am so impressed by the quality of this stallion that I am looking to buy another from Holmes Farms.
Jim, you did a great job producing this colt. Thank you.

Jennifer Lederle



(The Buck Starts Here x Tanasi Topaz)
Cremello colt - no marking - ? hands
Foaled 04/29/2010 (Blood typed)

Reference Photos courtesy of  The Ancestor Gallery
The Buck Starts Here Threat's Velvet Frost Travelers Moon Frost Tate's Traveler
SP Moon Maid
Velvet's Threat Threat's Gambler
Velvet N' Satin CF
Butterscotch Sundae The Last Gold Chance Gold On Parade
Go Boy's Jewellete
Miss Chatterbox Go Boy's Chatterbox
Go Boy's Merry Nell P.

Tanazi Topaz Goldmine

Chance's Goldmine MF Chance's Gold Dust H. John A's Chance
Bonnie's Red Glory
Sunbeam's Gold Lady Chance's Sunbeam
Carey's Golden Kitty
Tanasi Gold Red Bud's Rascal Red Bud Allen
Merry Man's Starr
Gold Before The Storm RIP
Mary's Gold

Breeder of Buckskin Tennessee Walking Horses
Jim Holmes
113 Cty Hwy 840
Sikeston, Missouri 63801
Cell 573-620-0784
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