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Buckskin Tennessee Walking Horses

Holmes Farm Herd - 2013


Here at Holmes Farm Walkers, I am dedicated to producing the best quality flat shod versatility horses available. For years, I have hand selected quality mares to produce horses with great minds and gaits to be used for trail riding, pleasure riding and flat shod show. While color is a bonus that pleases the eye, I strive to produce horses that can give that comfortable running walk gait that makes the Tennessee Walking Horse so famous. Pick your sport; I have a buckskin horse for you.

I like to ride mares, always have and always will. A good mare will be a better ride than an equally good gelding every time. A great many people feel that they have to ride geldings on the trail or in the ring because they have been told that is the thing to do, but if you ever have a really good mare, you will never make a gelding your main riding horse. To me, a mare is smarter, quicker, and more level headed than their male counterpart. I know that mares can come in heat and spoil a good trail ride, but there are ways to manage that now that we didn't have 50 years ago. If started young with that goal in mind, that a mare should understand not to misbehave during her cycle, they can be trained to not show out. A good mare is easy to train because they are smarter than their pasture mate, just as most women are smarter than their husbands even though they think it, but would never admit it. I have found that mares are more sure footed and take better care of their rider on the trail than geldings do. They seem to watch where they are going and don't get as excited as geldings when they get into bad situations.

Who doesn't want a beautiful horse to ride? Everyone will admit that as a whole mares are much prettier than geldings. I like a long neck, a small head, and little ears along with those famous walking horse gaits. The walking horse breed as a whole has been taken from a stub necked, big headed, work horse looking horse to a breed that can challenge American Saddlebreds in looks and beat them by far with their famous gaits.

If you will raise you a good mare, you will have a loving and useful companion for the rest of your life.

These yearlings belong to David and Holly McQuaig from Ok. Aren't they pretty?

My breeding stallion is The Buck Starts Here. He is a perlino Tennessee Walking Horse with a double agouti gene and that is a rare combination. Buck has no Pride of Midnight H.F. blood and is the perfect cross for Pride of Midnight-bred mares. With his old fashioned bloodlines and their proven walking ability and the beauty of the Pride line, his babies show a hybrid vigor both in gait and conformation.

Click on photos below for more information and pedigrees.
********Only 4 Buck babies left!  Get 'em while they're hot!!!******
BUCK'S ROYAL LADY #21501271 Buckskin Tennessee Walking Horse filly, by The Buck Starts Here and out of Gen's Magic Marker's Dream, who is one of the last of the Prides Generator Mares. As you can see, she is royally bred both top and bottom. Royal Lady is a beauty. If you want to be the envy of your trail/show riding group, make Royal Lady your own. She should be 15.1 or 15.2 hands at maturity. Foaled 07/19/2015. Cheap at $2500.
BUCK'S CHARMING LADY #21501269 is a buckskin Tennessee Walking Horse filly, by The Buck Starts Here and out of Hillary's Buckskin Lady. Hillary was broke as a two year old and had style and class under saddle. She should have been in the flatshod ring, but instead I made her a broodmare and she is outstanding. Her foals are treasured by those who own them and enjoyed on the trail as well as the show ring. If you like beauty, class and gait, you will love Buck's Charming Lady. Foaled 06/10/2015. Located in Missouri. If you want a lifetime companion, she is cheap at $2500.
ALL BUCKS START HERE #21501102 is the rarest of the rare. He is an EE,AA,CrCr perlino colt. That means he will sire a buckskin foal with any color mare except another dilute. He has all the requirements for a breeding stud. He is by The Buck Starts Here and out of Creamy Chance. Both parents have no modern blood and this should make White Walker an excellent cross on all these Pride of Midnight-bred mares. He has all the gait anyone needs plus size and height - should mature to 15.2 hands. If they ever open up the Heritage site again, I am sure he will qualify for that. If he isn't sold before he is a yearling, I will keep him to replace his sire in the breeding shed. Foaled 05/20/2015. For anyone who is starting a breeding program, he is cheap at $10,000.
BUCK'S KING OF THE NORTH #21501100 - by The Buck Starts Here and out of A Crown Jewel. This handsome perlino Tennessee Walking Horse colt was born 04/27/15 and is a Ee,CrCr,AA. That is the same genetics that his sire has. Every colt that his dam has produced has gone on to be a herd sire for someone. When grown, he should reach 15.1. Even now he is gentle and can walk and shake beside his mother. If you want the best for your mares or something outstanding to trail ride, Buck's King of the North should please you. Priced at $5000.
COACH'S CHEERLEADER  #21002451 - Coach's Cheerleader is a black Tennessee Walking Horse filly, born 10/01/2010. She is by World Grand Champion, The Coach and out of She's A Home Run, a Ted Williams mare. This filly is beautiful and has the best of modern bloodlines. She has a long, reaching stride as she moves beside her mother. Coach's Cheerleader just became the 2015 Four-year-old World Champion Mare. Selling cheap for a filly of this quality. Private treaty. VIDEO
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We offer live cover THE BUCK STARTS HERE~ Perlino Stallion.
The Buckskin producer of naturally gaited Tennessee Walking Horse foals.

See our explanation of the Agouti Gene.

We've added some new mares, also some excellent MARES For Sale!!

Breeder of Buckskin Tennessee Walking Horses
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